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Peaceful Meadow Farm Stand and LIVE MUSIC!

Posted 8/8/2016 9:48am by Josh Elmore.


the blue door  

having passed through
the blue door
of the pool's deepest end
we hover
in its turquoise room.
in these liquid moments,
suspended in the glistening,
we abandon
our sciences
and selves.

  we sink or rise
with the prize of breath,
give way
to the gentle horizontal.
we encounter
our new bodies
in stroke and ripple,
and converse
in murmur
and deep.

  the kindness of water
is its closeness
to death,
and the drowning
that we don't have to do.
the truth of water
is in its sending us sunward,
back up
through the glittering blue door.

we hold tight
to the edge
with our fingertips–
a momentary
warming of the skin.
but the towel stays folded,
the lawn chair
we breathe,
and let go again.

~ james hopkins  

Our dear friend James and his partner Julia came for a visit to the farm recently and we reminisced about our travels together many years ago in Nepal.  My son, Col, and I visited Nepal on a pilgrimage of sorts, visiting numerous sacred meditation sites while doing research for a project I was working on at the time.  Col had just turned 10 and my good friends Matteo and James were gracious enough to accompany us on our journey, providing a local’s view of Nepal and its amazing spiritual culture.  I was reminded of how special the trip was while visiting with James and my mind began to settle into the spaces we created in that exotic world.  Space that we aspire to live in daily but that so often eludes our grasp.  I find those moments occasionally, sometimes alone with my thoughts, but often times when surrounded by friends.  Thank you to all of our friends, old and new, for making our little farm stand scene a place full of laughter, joy and good memories!  

Our first farm stand of the season was a big success, thanks to everyone for joining us and for making the evening so magical.  The little PMF café was rockin’, we sold out of pretty much everything we had to serve!  The NoGo Gillbillies lent an authentic mountain flair with their local bluegrass sounds flowing out of the barn, we hope to have them back out to the barn sometime soon!  It was an evening full of kids, dogs, families, music and good conversation!   

Our next farm stand is this Saturday, August 13th, from 4:30-8:30ish p.m.  The summer has still been super dry for us here on the farm, but we did get a few nice rain showers recently that are helping to feed the plants!  Please come out and join us for an evening of community, good food, mountain music and lots of sweet high mountain meadow farm produce.  

Music at the Barn:  Speaking of mountain music, we’re so excited to host the amazing Taarka, from Lyons, CO to the farm this weekend.  Led by husband and wife team, David and Enion Pelta-Tiller, “Taarka is a virtuosic ensemble of 5-string violin, mandolin, guitars, string bass, + vocals featuring high-energy performance & innovative, beautiful compositions and songs, weaving the sounds of old & new from world folk, celtic, bluegrass, jazz and classical with rock energy & master musicianship.”  Check ‘em out at taarka.com and please come join us this Saturday to help welcome these wonderful musicians to the Peaceful Meadow!  

News from the Farm:  Everything has been fairly quiet around the farm over the past few weeks.  We had some family activities keeping us busy, but we’ve also hosted some farm work days as well.   Thanks again to all our friends who continue to help with the chores around here!  We always tend to see lots of wildlife on the meadow, but this year has brought some new visitors.  On several different occasions we’ve had moose traveling through the willows.  It seems like the moose population has increased over the past couple of years and we’re now getting to see these majestic animals more and more.  Of course we still see lots of coyotes, the occasional bobcat, elk, red tail hawks and a few eagles, beautiful falcons swooping through the trees and even a weasel or two!   

Dogs - Dogs are more than welcome at PMF, but this year we have lots of animals running around (Llamas, Goats, Pigs, Chickens) so we're asking that dogs be kept on a leash while on the farm.  

Our farm stand is Saturday, August 13th, from 4:30-8:30 pm.   Come on by and enjoy some visitin' by the barn and some tasty raw treats while you shop for the most locally grown produce on Magnolia!  

Here's what we'll have at the stand this week:  

Tat Soi
Pac Choy
Red Mustard Greens
Wild Arugula
Swiss Chard
Red Russian Kale
Green Nash Kale
Spicy Baby Greens Mix
Sugar Snap Peas
Yellow Squash
Baby Beets  

This Week's Raw* Organic Snack:  

Live Mediterrenean Plate- Almond Hummus, Falafels w/ Cashew Tzatziki, Olive Tapenade and PMF crackers  

Massaged Baby Green/Kale Salad with Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing  

Organic Raw Coconut Macaroons (Blonde and Chocolate)  

Raw White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Bars  

Raw Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake     

Fresh Organic Cucumber Lemonade
Fresh Organic Watermelon Juice  

*What's "raw" food all about?  Raw, or "Live Foods" are fresh unheated, whole, unprocessed organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that when prepared in this way retain all of their natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients.  It's like rocket-fuel for our body and mind!  Feel free to ask us more about raw, living foods if you're interested.  All of the food prepared at PMF is "raw", organic and alive with goodness!  

We hope to see you soon!  

the elmores (josh alli col lila and yeshe)  



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