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It's a Harvest Gathering! Last farm stand of the season...

Posted 9/20/2013 3:24pm by Josh Elmore.

 The moon rises
     in the pure sky of night,
Its reflection appears
     on the still surface of the lake.
But the moon is not in the lake,
     isn't that right?
Know that it is thus with all phenomena.
            ~ Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol

Our hearts go out to all the folks around these mountains who've lost their homes and possesions or impacted in other ways by the recent flooding.  Its been such a wild and crazy week of weather and now Fall has come at last.  I woke up this morning to a little bit of frost on the deck and the distant hills blanketed in mists.  While all the chaos was raging down the canyons and on the plains, we had a relatively uneventful time up here.  It rained, and rained some more, but the extent of our damage was just a very wet meadow and lots of run off.   We still have a new little creek running through our front yard and the hill sides still weep and drain, but all in all we were lucky.  The fields have dried out nicely and all the veggies are still growing like crazy.  So, we're excited to have our last Farm Stand of the season tomorrow from 4-8 pm (please note the different time).  We'll gather, harvest and enjoy the cool autumn weather together one last time!

In fact, it's a Harvest Gathering and Celebration of the Autumn Equinox!  Mother Moon is full and it's time to bring in the harvest, we have lots of potatoes in the field and invite you all to come join us for some potato diggin'.  We plan to have a bonfire of sorts and will roast up some fresh dug spuds on the fire!  So bring some of your favorite fixin's for the potatoes and we'll supply the spuds and fire.  With all this moisture around it's the perfect time for roasting outdoors.   Also, feel free to bring an instrument if you feel the urge to sing a song around the campfire...We'll be playing games, enjoying a meal, and sharing stories, so come out and enjoy a gathering of friends here at Peaceful Meadow Farm.

News from the Farm –  The biggest news is of course all the rain and flooding.  The farm survived quite well, our fields are on a little slope so they were able to drain off most of the water.  The meadow beside the farm was completely inundated and had a roiling river running through the middle.  The animals didn't seem to even notice anything amiss, except for having to wade through lots of little streams and puddles.

A few days after the rains stopped, we heard the Llamas give their warning cry.  A high shrill sound that always tells us there's a bear close by.  So, the children grabbed the binoculars and ran down to the meadow to check it out.  The she was, a beautiful, big black mama with two cubs.  We all sat and watched as she and the little ones chomped down some sort of berry in our neighbors yard.  Before long they meandered up into the forests and were gone.  What amazing animals! 


Dogs - Dogs are more than welcome at PMF, but this year we have lots of animals running around (Llamas, Goats, Pigs, Chickens) so we're asking that dogs be kept on a leash while on the farm.

Please check out our farm pictures on Facebook to see some New Pictures.   

Our farm stand is this Saturday from 3-7 pm (September 21st, 2013).   Come on by and enjoy some visitin' by the barn and some tasty raw treats while you shop for the most locally grown produce on Magnolia!

Here's what we'll have at the stand this week:

Pac Choy
Red Mustard Greens
Corsair Spinach 
Flat Leaf Arugula
Swiss Chard
Purple Top Turnips

Red Russian Kale
Green Curly Kale
Dinosaur Kale
Yellow Scallopini Squash
Bennings Green Tint Squash
Yellow Crook Neck Squash
Suyo Long Cucumbers

This Week's Raw* Organic Snack:

Sun Seed Paté Wraps with Garlic Aioli Sauce
Massaged Kale Salad with Olive Oil/Lemon Dressing
Organic Raw Coconut Macaroons (Blonde and Chocolate)

Raw White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake
Raw Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

Fresh Organic Cucumber Lemonade
Fresh Organic Watermelon Juice

*What's "raw" food all about?  Raw, or "Live Foods" are fresh unheated, whole, unprocessed organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that when prepared in this way retain all of their natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients.  It's like rocket-fuel for our body and mind!  Feel free to ask us more about raw, living foods if you're interested.  All of the food prepared at PMF is "raw", organic and alive with goodness!

We hope to see you on Saturday!

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